Social Work Services
Why Should I seek Social Work Services? 
Facing a life change, a new diagnosis, or dealing with a chronic illness?

You may find that today's health care system can be complicated, overwhelming and stressful.

A social worker can help empower you with the tools, resources, and community referrals you may need to thrive.


You may benefit from social work services if.... 
  • You find the medical information and health decision-making process too overwhelming to manage alone;
  • You would like to have someone attend your medical appointments with you and help you to gather the necessary information for you to make educated decisions for your health care plans;
  • You feel that no one involved in your health care is listening to you, and you need help advocating for the best care possible;
  • You require a letter of advocacy or support;
  • You aren't sure what your rights are, or you are feeling pressured to make health care decisions; 
  • As a family, you are unable to be present to help your loved one through a health crisis or chronic illness, and you would like to be reassured that someone is there to provide support and advocate on their behalf;
  • You need help with advanced care planning and making decisions about powers of attorney or wills;
  • You need information or referrals to community agencies; 
How can a Social Worker help me? 
Social workers are extremely knowledgeable and resourceful professionals.

They are experts at navigating the health care system, and in educating and advocating for individuals' rights.

They have up-to-date information on community resources that may be useful to you and can help link you with such community partners.